For iPhone and iPod.

BlockArt HD
For iPad.

BlockArt is your personal block building app. Stick blocks onto each other and create anything you can imagine in wonderfully rendered 3d.

Enjoy the pure fun of watching something new take shape on the screen as you add block after block with a simple tap on the screen. While you keep building, you can watch as the play of light and shadow flows across you model, making it feel so real you can almost reach in and touch it.


What People Are Saying

"BlockArt is fun and entertaining app for everyone out there."
Read full review by iPhoneFootPrint here: Build Airplane with BlockArt.

"Yes! You could keep yourself glued to something like this all day long"
Iphone apps review online takes a good look at BlockArt here: BlockArt Review


- Add blocks with a single touch.
- Camera zoom and rotation control.
- Advanced interactive lighting and antialiasing.
- Save high quality pictures to photo album or Facebook.
- Quick switching between adding and deleting blocks.
- Multilevel undo.

Screenshots and Pictures

BlockArt screenshot of a Car BlockArt Ship BlockArt Eagle
BlockArt AirPlane BlockArt Space Invaders BlockArt Enterprise
iPhone 3d Eagle iPhone 3 d Ship BlockArt Face Screenshot
Space Invaders Model in 3d BlockArt 3d Head from iPhone


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